eSports Betting

A Guide to Betting on eSports

eSports is one of the newest offering provided by online bookmakers and has become increasingly popular over the past five years. The industry is constantly growing and countries such as Japan, Sweden, USA and the UK have seen significant interest in eSports.

esports is becoming increasingly popular with sports betting fans

To summarise eSports betting, it is similar to predicting the outcome of a football or hockey match but punters are simply wagering on the outcome of a computer game which is played by an individual or team. The number of tournaments and competitions are listed online and matches are priced up by sports betting sites on a regular basis.

Gaming fans can get involved in a variety of ways although many of the top teams have been entering tournaments for a number of years and can soon become familiar names to eSports bettors.

Which Games are Popular?

There are a number of games which are eligible for eSports however there a handful which have really captured the imagination of players. The most popular games are generally first person shooter, strategy or multiplayer battle arenas however lower profile competitions have been held for racing and sports titles.

Dota 2 and League of Legends are by far and away the most popular and the majority of tournaments which have been priced up by bookmakers will be on one of these two games.

Where to Bet on eSports?

Most online sportsbooks have added a dedicated eSports section to their site and it is usually filled with a number of upcoming tournaments. Ladbrokes, Paddy Power and Betfred have all added eSports to their console and it often goes live in-play too.

Tournaments can be on a global scale or a far more localised event. Similarly to betting on football, if bookmakers think a competition will have plenty of interest, they are likely to make this easier to find on their site.

Types of eSports Bets

The majority of eSports bets are on the outright market where punters are simply tasked with predicting which team will come out on top. Most games are played in a best of three games format meaning there are just two different outcomes. Eliminating the draw means prices can become much shorter but it is possible to put them into an accumulator in order to boost returns.

Handicap betting is available on some high-profile matches and this is simply giving one side a head start. For example, betting Team A -1 on the handicap would require them to win 3-0. (subtracting -1 from their total number of games and they still win 2-0)

There are numerous major tournaments throughout the year and punters can choose to make an ante-post selection. These odds are much bigger as teams must progress through the tournament without being knocked out.
Totals are another way of getting involved without having to commit to selecting a winner of the event. This is simply predicting how many games will be played. This is usually set at Under 2.5/Over 2.5. If it is played in the best of three format, this is akin to predicting that each team will have successfully won a game each and that a decider will be required.

Major Events

There are a number of eSports leagues and Championships which take place throughout the year and the number is continually increasing with organisers bowing the demands of the eSports playing public. Some examples include World Champion Series, Halo World Championships, Evolution Champion Series and Intel Extreme Masters. Some events have been held in big stadiums but most fans opt to enjoy them in the comfort of their own home via channels such as Twitch or Youtube.

Tips for Betting on eSports

eSports is still a growing industry and bookies are still getting to grips with the various form and stats for both teams and individual competitors. This allows punters to potentially take advantage of specialist knowledge. Some markets are priced up by traders who expect one side to be popular and it can often lead to chunky odds for the outsiders.

Before dipping into eSports betting, it pays to watch as many games and tournaments as possible, read player guides on sites like this one and follow the various tactics and strategies implemented by teams. If you can get used to a players style, it will significantly improve your judgement ahead of placing a bet.

Although making money is a punters prerogative, it’s important to enjoy the spectacle as well. Only bet on games that you fully understand. If you didn’t understand the rules of tennis, you wouldn’t bet on it! The same applies for eSports.

eSports is continually growing and although it takes time to get up to speed, it could be hugely profitable. Gamers and punters are benefitting from the partnership and online bookmakers are always expanding their markets on the larger and high-profile events which take place throughout the year.